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Toys of the 1980's

Valley Girl

"Valley Girl" was musician Frank Zappa's take on the airheaded teenagers of the early 1980's, spoofing their particular slang-laden speech habits. 'Valley girls' meant all girls, anywhere, who happened to be vacuous and spoiled; the term originated, however, referring to girls from the San Fernando Valley area of greater Los Angeles. Zappa's daughter, Moon Unit, was drafted into providing the spoken-word main section of the song (and probably provided the aging songwriter with the appropriate lingo in the first place). The song appeared on his 1982 albun Ship Arriving Too Late to Save a Drowning Witch (named after a simple visual gag); ironically, it was his only top-40 hit. Like, oh my Gahhhd.

Some Valley Girl Words and Phrases:
"As if!"
"Barf me out!"
"Fer shure."
"Gag me with a spoon!"
"Grody to the max!"

The 1983 film Valley Girl was inspired by the song and the culture which spawned it. It was the first prominent role for a young actor named Nicolas Cage. Unfortunately, there would be others.

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